Would it not be better to dwell in blissful ignorance? The lucky ones embrace the sweetness of their naiveté. Experiencing life without the pain, joy without the suffering. Moment-by-moment they exist.

Why should I seek to know about the ways of the world? The joyful ones are unaware of the horrors of the everyday. Going about their existence free from the calamities of the world. Day-by-day they draw breath.

What fulfillment comes from awareness? The beautiful ones are far from the sorrows of loss and death. Stressing not about what they cannot comprehend. Little-by-little they make their own way. 

Who still believes in wisdom? The happy ones aren’t concerned about being wise or clever. Walking along the pathways of delight, they’re neither anxious nor worried about their future. Step-by-step they go forward. 

Where is knowledge found? The loving ones abound in the knowledge of being alive. Dwelling each instance with an intensity for being-here, caring not about the may-bes and might-bes of contemporary living. Present-by-present their life manifests. 

Perhaps the Teacher was right… 

 For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief.

When will we cease to know? The dreamers know nothing of violence, destruction, and war. Living in times when such words and deeds have long since passed away beyond idea, beyond thought, beyond memory. Hand-in-hand they live.   

I long for blissful ignorance. 

Photo by Aryan Singh on Unsplash

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