God’s Deafening Silence: A Reflection on Job 19:1-8

Author Note: A Sermon delivered to Orange City United Methodist Church (Orange City, FL) on August 8, 2021. “How long ago was that day?” Job thought. He’d been so distraught and disturbed, he could merely only observe that time had continued to progress unrelentingly, unmercifully, without noting its amount or meaning. Time had continued—was it … Continue reading God’s Deafening Silence: A Reflection on Job 19:1-8

Questions in the Night

I lie awake. Restless, unsettled, disturbed. My mind races at night’s darkest hour. Tonight marks the unwanted return of the unanswerable. I try to sleep. Apprehensive, tense, burdened. It comes without warning. Questions of the deepest sort announce an uneasy transition between sleep and wakefulness. Asking what shouldn’t be asked.Thinking what shouldn’t be thought.Imagining what … Continue reading Questions in the Night