Shelf people

God’s shelf people wait,They desire their turn.People longing for a chance,To end their days of yearning.While there they pray,For an opportunity to leave.God placed them there long ago,And left them behind.Now they wonder and watch a world,They no longer participate in.Longing for their time,When they might contribute again.Until then they ask,What are you saving me … Continue reading Shelf people

Places you’ll never return to

Places you once tread upon Now empty of your presence Locations you often returned toYou filled them with special momentsOnes that helped to make youNow you dwell there no moreRemaining devoid of your presenceOnly filled with memories Waiting for you to pass byDid you intend to return?Your silence only remainsRepresenting your life before Do those floors miss your steps?What … Continue reading Places you’ll never return to

Don’t Mourn the Past

Note: Originally posted on Should you mourn the past?  To lament for what might have been. Remembering the pathways unpursued.  The could’ve, would’ve, and should’ve of life’s potentialities. Piecing together the riddles of before.  Unsolvable they remain, puzzles unexplored.   What do you see when you look back?  Lost opportunities you’ll never have again.  Despairing over what … Continue reading Don’t Mourn the Past

Dorothy Day’s Appreciation for Gardening and the Natural World: Implications for Teen Mental Health 

The 1958 diaries of Dorothy Day (1987-1980) capture glimpses of Day’s appreciation for land and the natural world. Her continuous indications of the weather and temperature, her love for the farm, and her peaceful visits to the beach reiterate that she had a deep connection to the land and natural world (Day 1958).  These were … Continue reading Dorothy Day’s Appreciation for Gardening and the Natural World: Implications for Teen Mental Health 

Words for The Void

Words that no one will read,Lifelessly waiting for their reader to appear.The author’s intention is now long past,Such words await the consumer’s grasp.Tucked away in forgotten pages,Meaningful words that others fail to see.No one to enact what was written,Powerful voices remain silent forevermore. Words that inspire and bring hope,Begging to be released from their chains.Lost stories … Continue reading Words for The Void