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Jonathan L. Best holds a PhD in Practical Theology from St. Thomas University in Miami, FL. A North Carolina native, Jonathan attended both Campbell University and the University of Mount Olive. Previously he served as the Assistant Director of Public Services at the St. Thomas University Library. Currently, Jonathan teaches online courses in theology and operates his own editing company (Best Academic Editing). His areas of research include postmodern and continental philosophy, hermeneutics, pragmatism, and social justice. His recent book, A Postmodern Theology of Ritual Action is available on Amazon and other major book retailers. He now lives in Deltona, FL with his wife, Rebekah, and his daughter Ava.

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Jonathan A. Lee, M.Div.

Jonathan Lee graduated in 2008 from UNC Chapel Hill with a BA in religious studies and political science. In 2013, He received an MDiv from Campbell University. Jonathan now lives in Holly Springs, North Carolina. His current research interest is the nature and meanings of community.

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Adeline Jean, M.A. (doctoral student)

Adeline Jean is a Doctoral Student of Practical Theology and an adjunct professor of Religious Studies and English Composition (writing and literary analysis) at St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida. She holds a Master’s Degree in English Education. Her recent research work includes a comparative study of the Catholic Mass as simultaneously a story and a narrative and a study of the Catholic Mass at a diasporic ethnic mission church as the site and source of political and social advocacy in the form of a friendship theology. Her current research work focuses on charting the course toward the development of a Caribbean Theology. She recently published her first book, a compilation of memoirs, JESUS Speaks to Me: Whispers of Mercy, Whispers of Love, a distinctive genre and source of practical theology.   

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Jane M. Spanich, Ph.D. (candidate)

Jane M. Spanich is the Co-director of Campus Ministry at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She holds a Bachelor degree in International Affairs from Florida State University, an MLS from Rollins College, and is currently a doctoral candidate in Practical Theology at St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens. Jane is the director of the LEAP Service Learning Program as well as the TEDx event at St. Thomas Aquinas High school where she teaches Leadership and the senior duel enrollment courses, World Religions and Catholic Social Teaching.

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Emmanuel Buteau, Ph.D.

Emmanuel Buteau holds a PhD in Practical Theology from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida. He emigrated from Haiti to the United States in 1993 and currently serves as Executive Director of the Haitian Institute of Atlanta, which he co-founded in 2017 with his wife Danielle and several other friends.

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Marlene B. Lang, Ph.D.

Marlene B. Lang is a freelance writer whose entangled instincts for theology and journalism bring a uniquely informed voice to her work. The former Asst. Professor of Religious Studies and Sun-Times Media columnist taught and wrote on social justice and political issues. She is presently writing a book on the spirituality of respectful listening in community contexts. Lang resides in Lancaster, Penn. among friends and family. 

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Rev. Marc Boswell, Ph.D.

Marc Boswell is the founding editor of Progressive Southern Theologians. He currently serves as the director of the faith-based non-profit, Together for Hope, in Lake Providence, Louisiana. He has lived in the Delta for the past two years and enjoys photography and writing. His research and teaching interests include constructive/liberation theologies, community development, and race in American culture.

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Andrew McCarthy, M.A. (doctoral student)

Andrew McCarthy holds a Master’s degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in Theological Studies and is currently a Ph.D. student in practical theology at St. Thomas University, FL. Andrew has worked as a missionary in Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand and China. He resides in South Florida.

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Lauren Lawler, M.A. (doctoral student)

Lauren Lawler was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She attended the University of Texas, Austin for her undergraduate and received a BA in Religious Studies and BJ in Journalism. She attended Loyola University, New Orleans for her Masters degree in Religious Studies. She has taught high school religion for 15 years, and Dual-Enrollment at Saint Thomas University, Miami Gardens for two years. She is currently teaching World Religions at Cardinal Gibbons High School and is a second year pre-candidate at Saint Thomas University. Her interests include Youth Studies, Ecumenism, Inter-religious Dialogue, Social Justice, Morality, and Humor. She hopes to do her dissertation on the Theology of Humor in the Classroom.


Ricardo Gonzalez, Ph.D.

As a theology teacher at Monsignor Pace High School and professional youth minister for over 25 years, Dr. Gonzalez brings a wealth of knowledge on youth and young adult ministry in various contexts. Much of his scholarly and ministerial work revolves around best practice for youth and young adult ministries.

Latest contributions

  • Never Forget the Rich Young Man: The Liminality of Religious Faith Among Young People

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