Parody of Time

Venturing further into the futurePlunging headlong into unknown placesHesitant or brave we face a joined pathThe result is always the sameBurden by a future without choiceCondemned to face what is aheadInto eras that make no sense Time becomes a parodyA cruel imitation of itself Similar but infinitely differentUntil years lose their meaningAnd dates are utterly senselessKeeping time … Continue reading Parody of Time

Don’t Mourn the Past

Note: Originally posted on Should you mourn the past?  To lament for what might have been. Remembering the pathways unpursued.  The could’ve, would’ve, and should’ve of life’s potentialities. Piecing together the riddles of before.  Unsolvable they remain, puzzles unexplored.   What do you see when you look back?  Lost opportunities you’ll never have again.  Despairing over what … Continue reading Don’t Mourn the Past

Lost Time

Present moments lost to time,Moments where I’ve said goodbye.What’s passed cannot return to me,Fleeting feelings that cannot be. Eluded by what I cannot grasp,Time obsessively marches past.Forgotten in feelings I once held dear,Minutes that will only disappear. Missing what’s in front of me,Struggling with what’s real.I cannot fix my eyes on truth,Shifting glances that refuse … Continue reading Lost Time