Listening to the Rhythms: Preparing for Theological Conversation.

I'm sitting on a few conference papers that aren't doing any good sitting on my hard drive (or in the cloud). Periodically I'll be uploading papers and lectures I've done across the years using Humanities Commons. I gave this particular paper at the 3rd Iannone Conference in 2015. This paper is an exploration of the … Continue reading Listening to the Rhythms: Preparing for Theological Conversation.

The Purgatory of the Future

The most powerful and the deepest reality exists where everything enters into the effective action, without reserve the whole man [or woman] and God the all-embracing – the united I and the boundless Thou. Martin Buber, I and Thou, 89. The progress of time is exhausting. Seemingly against our will, we're pushed forward toward growing uncertainty … Continue reading The Purgatory of the Future

Liminal Symbol

A symbol has truth: it is adequate to the revelation it expresses. A symbol is true: it is the expression of a true revelation. Religious symbols are double-edged. They are directed toward the infinite which they symbolize and toward the finite through which they symbolize it. They force the infinite down to finitude and the finite up to infinity. They open … Continue reading Liminal Symbol

Between Chaos and Order

Justice, in other words, is what the metaphysics of presence keeps trying and failing to identify with some set of institutions or principles. Such identification is impossible, because every institution or principle will produce new, unexpected, injustices of its own. Every imaginable utopia will need a social protest movement. Justice is a ghost that can … Continue reading Between Chaos and Order