Thanksgiving: The Giver, The Gift, and Gratitude

I’ve recently come to a realization. It’s one that I think I’ve had for a while but never dared to admit to myself—Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I believe Thanksgiving represents something fundamentally important about ourselves and our relationships. Thanksgiving reminds us of the importance of the giver, the gift, and gratitude.  Thanksgiving isn’t typically … Continue reading Thanksgiving: The Giver, The Gift, and Gratitude

Liminal Symbol

A symbol has truth: it is adequate to the revelation it expresses. A symbol is true: it is the expression of a true revelation. Religious symbols are double-edged. They are directed toward the infinite which they symbolize and toward the finite through which they symbolize it. They force the infinite down to finitude and the finite up to infinity. They open … Continue reading Liminal Symbol