let us pray

our motherfathers who artwith us heretherehallowed be our namestrevorjacksuzannemarcellisahmaudbreonnageorgewalterrayshardbelovedbelovedbelovedon these all hallows days of commemorationa triduum of death we know notit is life we remembertheir eyes openawakesleepingpeering into our heartsare thankful for their having madeand making a difference in our liveseven now their presenceessencelighting the sky every morning and eveningwe are on the threshold ofsoul-lightthe … Continue reading let us pray


Memory caught in the absence of time. The semblance of essence portrayed eternally so. In stillness the picture waits, disconnected from life’s breath, and passes from memory into the immemorial of history.I sought to capture the real, immortalizing what’s not mine. I thought to possess this moment, to claim it as my own. The picture … Continue reading Picture