Love’s mystery was revealed to me

Love brought forth from a life so graciously shared with meHer tenderness continually manifests in timeHere with me always, I’m grateful for herMy being and hers, both singular and pluralThankfully present in every moment we shareAn enduring love that grows more precious each dayFinding words to express this inexpressible graceOf living with such feelings that … Continue reading Love’s mystery was revealed to me

Another day without tears

A tempest raging within the soulLife’s burdens boundless on the mindBegging for clarity on things to comeWishing once more when wisdom is goneDesiring things with emotional depthAnother day without tears One waits at the abyssWill the deep speak again?Nothing emerges from those spacesSilence tortures the hearerThrow it again into the voidAnother day without tears When … Continue reading Another day without tears

Lost Time

Present moments lost to time,Moments where I’ve said goodbye.What’s passed cannot return to me,Fleeting feelings that cannot be. Eluded by what I cannot grasp,Time obsessively marches past.Forgotten in feelings I once held dear,Minutes that will only disappear. Missing what’s in front of me,Struggling with what’s real.I cannot fix my eyes on truth,Shifting glances that refuse … Continue reading Lost Time