Discovery of Habitus in the Holiday

What is habitus? A concise definition using Bourdieu’s own terminology “is a property of actors (whether individuals, groups or institutions) that comprises a structured and structuring structure” (Maton 2014, 50). In other words, one’s past and present, such as family experience, can be a structured system within which habitus operates in a structuring manner to … Continue reading Discovery of Habitus in the Holiday

From Liquid to Liminality: Bauman and the Liquid World

It's hard not to be in awe of the remarkable changes taking place across our world. Every day we seem to encounter new and exciting changes across science, technology, and society. What's new today is old tomorrow, and global movements---from finance to culture---immerse us in a dizzying array of both uncertainty and excitement. There's little … Continue reading From Liquid to Liminality: Bauman and the Liquid World

Remaking the Everyday

In short, habitus, the product of history, produces individualand collective practices, and hence history, in accordance with the schemes engendered by history.” [i] Pierre Bourdieu, Outline of a Theory of Practice Everyday life is the arena of our work and play, struggles and successes, as well as our joys and disappointments. Everything of value and … Continue reading Remaking the Everyday