let us pray

our motherfathers who artwith us heretherehallowed be our namestrevorjacksuzannemarcellisahmaudbreonnageorgewalterrayshardbelovedbelovedbelovedon these all hallows days of commemorationa triduum of death we know notit is life we remembertheir eyes openawakesleepingpeering into our heartsare thankful for their having madeand making a difference in our liveseven now their presenceessencelighting the sky every morning and eveningwe are on the threshold ofsoul-lightthe … Continue reading let us pray

All Souls and All Saints: Remembrance, Grief and Loss in 2020

I live and work as a Chaplain in Melbourne, Australia. We have consistently been voted one of the most livable cities in the world, but 2020 has been hard on us as it has on everyone across the globe. In January our city watched in horror as an estimated 3 billion animals burned in bushfires … Continue reading All Souls and All Saints: Remembrance, Grief and Loss in 2020


Alone I stand on the shore, but it was not always so.There was another who once stood here before. We often walked together, being companions along this shore.Here we recollected about youthful memories and dreams past, sharing in the memories of our time. Birthed by youth but bonded by friendship, we faced the turbulent sea.The … Continue reading Loss