Jonathan L. Best

A Postmodern Theology of Ritual Action: An Exploration of Foot Washing Among the Original Free Will Baptist Community. Pickwick Publications, 2019.

A Postmodern Theology of Ritual Action is a unique work that seeks to explore where we find meaning within ritual and actions within the church. Bridging hermeneutics, philosophy, and postmodern thought, this work seeks to explore how to do theology with the community through conversation. Beginning with the mindset that meaning is already present within ritual action rather than outside it, Best engages the practice of foot washing among the Original Free Will Baptist denomination of eastern North Carolina. Foot washing suggests a new future for theology, a future that models love, service, and acceptance. Incorporating insights gained from conversing with philosophy, theology, and the Original Free Will Baptists, foot washing points toward a future relational practical theology. A Postmodern Theology of Ritual Action is a captivating work that draws from both philosophers and theologians to show that we can learn much by listening to the voices of religious practitioners. 

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Adeline Jean

Jesus Speaks to Me: Whispers of Mercy, Whispers of Love. Xlibris, 2018.

Adeline’s book offers a perspective on the love and mercy of God, which is based on her actual and extraordinary personal experiences. At the same time, this book highlights the power of scripture, as well as the importance of prayer and faith. The author exposes her life to the world in order to help others discover the simplicity of listening to the Lord in various ways, whether through written words, people, or life experiences

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