Getting Back to “Community”

What makes for meaningful conversation among young people today? These reflections triggered a distinct memory of observing my son’s middle school dance years ago. At pick up time, upon entering the church hall, most of the students were sitting at their respective tables, staring into their phones with their fingers rapidly texting each other rather … Continue reading Getting Back to “Community”

The Liminality of Dangling Man by Saul Bellow

It can be hard to convey liminality in words. The feelings that come from living through a liminal experience often go beyond our means to express them adequately. Liminality, being deeply tied to experience, isn’t easily translatable into words and ideas. As such, we’re left with using an arrangement of interesting metaphors and imagery in … Continue reading The Liminality of Dangling Man by Saul Bellow

Love’s Desire

Love’s desire announced by time,Precious gifts of memories old and new.Knowing beauty until it’s lost and hidden,Meaning abandoned to the vacancy of history. Love’s embrace channeled by mystery.Moments graciously lived and forgotten,Reasoning that fails in brief embraces,Passion that ceases in the lover’s tomb. Love’s confidence when encountering the new,Beloved treasures found along the way.Clarity abandoned … Continue reading Love’s Desire