Places you once tread upon 
Now empty of your presence 
Locations you often returned to
You filled them with special moments
Ones that helped to make you
Now you dwell there no more
Remaining devoid of your presence
Only filled with memories 
Waiting for you to pass by
Did you intend to return?
Your silence only remains
Representing your life before 
Do those floors miss your steps?
What about the hallways and rooms?
Those grounds instilled cherished memories
Perhaps they’re still there
Waiting for your presence 
To awaken these memories. 
Now others wander there
Taking your place
It carried on without you
And though life has moved on
You should never fret 
For the breath you gave
The voice you shared
The steps you took
Were yours alone
And the connection you shared
Will be there forevermore 

Photo by Tom PREJEANT on Unsplash

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