Anxious silence that ravages the death,
Of One innocent soul.
Lost in the pain of separation,
A body bends and breaks.
From shattered innocence emerges suffering,
On the One who learned the meaning of humanity.
To live in anguish and torment through time,
Understanding what curses the human soul.
Such tortured souls these mortals are,
That Divinity must suffer too!
Twisted are the sons and daughters of God,
Marked with hatred and fear.
Inflicting a pain that’s too much to bear,
On the One who must experience it all.
Knowing now what these creatures are,
Did this One make a mistake about them?
These wretched and miserable creatures,
At death’s door it must seem so.
This One has been terribly foolish,
Trusting traitors only leads to folly.
But foolish wisdom is a great teacher,
Which reveals something forgotten.
The dying One brings a new teaching,
From something long, long ago.
Of a beauty buried within madness,
Hope in the absence of hope.
Love emerges from hate,
So that peace can abound forevermore.

Photo by Sacre Bleu on Unsplash

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