Love brought forth from a life so graciously shared with me
Her tenderness continually manifests in time
Here with me always, I’m grateful for her
My being and hers, both singular and plural
Thankfully present in every moment we share
An enduring love that grows more precious each day
Finding words to express this inexpressible grace
Of living with such feelings that love is never still
Even when life’s burdens weigh my soul
I’m thankful for her who led me here
To this place of life together, bonded and together
In her, I’ve seen what love can do
How it unites and connects in wondrous ways
A love that always gives, in ways I couldn’t imagine
Revealing the depth our love carries every day
She uncovers the deepest parts of me
Discovering who I am in her and she in me
A being-shared that exposes who we are meant to be
A husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a friend
Our roles converge into one
That my life is also your life
Love births the truth of our existence
That life is meant to be shared
Which unlocks the better parts of me
I am grateful for all she’s done
Because through her I’ve discovered how
Love’s mystery was revealed to me

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

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