Christmas is for the dreamers and fools,
Providing light for the lost,
Giving life to the dying.
It carries them forward,
Into the spaces they would never go,
And into forbidden places.
The ones that dwell on the edges of our dreams,
Teasing us with a dangling Truth of meaning,
Motivating us toward the inexpressible.
At this time, at this hour, we await the impossible possible,
Tantalizing us with expectation and eager feelings,
An opportunity of hope for the hopeless,
Power for the powerless.
Christmas is for the poor and meek,
Offering love for the unlovable,
Sharing kindness from above.
It pulls the downtrodden forward,
To place them at the head of the table.
Making room for the homeless,
Granting passage to the trapped,
Clear the way for their time has come!
These forgotten people are forgotten no more.
No power is greater than grace,
Filling a compassionate soul,
The same that fills the hearts of every person,
On this morning of profound love.
Christmas is for the rejected and marginalized,
Instilling wonder into existence,
Giving birth to the new.
It lifts the fallen,
Steadying them with the power of another,
Bringing pride in living again.
Marking the season when joy returns,
And humanity is whole once more.
Feelings that last but for an instant,
Until given back to the normalcy of time,
In-between its eve and passage,
Christmas reminds us of what might be.
If only we took a moment to remember,
That Christmas is meant for all.
No present is more precious than the hope,
Which is given to all who have none.
And for one day we can all imagine,
A world that is Christmas forevermore.

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

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