A tempest raging within the soul
Life’s burdens boundless on the mind
Begging for clarity on things to come
Wishing once more when wisdom is gone
Desiring things with emotional depth
Another day without tears

One waits at the abyss
Will the deep speak again?
Nothing emerges from those spaces
Silence tortures the hearer
Throw it again into the void
Another day without tears

When letting go is too much to ask
Being can no longer endure
Of all the things it’s asked to bear
And the more it can’t hold
Time wears the statue down
Another day without tears

Longing more and more
Precious moments bottled up inside
A hand reaches forward for empty truths
Disappointments repackaged as gifts
Falling still these pressures come
Another day without tears

Failure to experience the real
Mourning the darkness inside
Confusion mounts as emptiness swells
Look beyond the closed gate
The message posted on the door
I can only see
Another day without tears

Photo by Ahmed Hasan on Unsplash

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