Present moments lost to time,
Moments where I’ve said goodbye.
What’s passed cannot return to me,
Fleeting feelings that cannot be.

Eluded by what I cannot grasp,
Time obsessively marches past.
Forgotten in feelings I once held dear,
Minutes that will only disappear.

Missing what’s in front of me,
Struggling with what’s real.
I cannot fix my eyes on truth,
Shifting glances that refuse my view.

Wishing I had more to hold,
Clutching at memory’s ghost.
Desperately clinging to recollections prior,
When time felt new and inspired.

The now slowly fading away,
Only to be replaced again.
Failing to experience what was,
Infinite losses grow throughout time.

Nothing old can be renewed,
Condemned to a fate it can’t escape.
Mourning time that’s always lost,
Vanishing into the collective abyss.

Wondering where they go,
The people I knew before.
Their glimpses recreated for an instant,
Already they’re gone once more.

What’s here is lost,
To a future I’ve yet to see.
Gone to a past increasing still,
Buried in my memory.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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