Words that no one will read,
Lifelessly waiting for their reader to appear.
The author’s intention is now long past,
Such words await the consumer’s grasp.

Tucked away in forgotten pages,
Meaningful words that others fail to see.
No one to enact what was written,
Powerful voices remain silent forevermore. 

Words that inspire and bring hope,
Begging to be released from their chains.
Lost stories that inspire change,
And ideas for peace to reign.

Dialogue without a partner,
These classics await their chance.
Where are the readers of our world,
Those who’ll listen and learn? 

Good words should not be forgotten,
But worse are those never read.
Praise the writers who are ignored,
For no reward will they receive. 

They labor away for the love of words,
Believing that writing is the real gift.
Time passes and life moves on,
And their true intentions never come to pass.

Words sentenced to obscurity,
Potentialities failing to mature.
Authors no longer remembered,
Words for the void.

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