I was thrilled to welcome the Rev. Rosy Fairhurst to the Liminal Theology Podcast. Rosy is an Anglican Priest working as Vicar at St Augustine & St Clement Bradford in Bradford, England. She is also an organizational analyst offering organizational analytic skills combined with a spiritual and theological dimension. Rosy has worked as a trainer, researcher, theological educator, pastor,and writer. She is the author of Uncovering Sin: A Gateway to Healing and Calling published by SPCK in 2012. Most recently she co-authored Crossing Thresholds: A Practical Theology of Liminality

Rosy and I had an amazing conversation covering a variety of topics related to liminality. We began by looking at the liminality of Rosy’s journey to the priesthood, ordination, and the overall social experience of Bradford, England. Next, we explored her interest in developmental psychology and the work of Donald Winnicott. Together we talked about transitional spaces and objects, religious iconography, and the important distinction between independence and interdependence. Rosy was a wonderful guest and I very much enjoyed her deep insight and wisdom. I know that you will also enjoy Rosy’s perspective on liminality. 

Learn more:

Crossing Thresholds
Heart and Anchor Churches in Bradford
Twitter (@rosyfair)

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