It was a pleasure to have the Reverend Canon Dr. Nigel Rooms on the Liminal Theology Podcast! Nigel is a freelance consultant, trainer and researcher, spiritual director, and architect of learning. Nigel is currently Associate Priest at St. Peter’s, Braunstone Park in Leicester. Nigel holds a Master’s degree in Mission and Ministry from Nottingham University and a Professional Doctorate (ThD) in Missiology from Birmingham University. He is a published author of books and journal articles in mission and contextual theology. He is also a missiologist, practical theologian, and editor of the journal Practical Theology. Nigel is a Leader with the Partnership for Missional Church UK, Church Mission Society. Most recently, he co-authored Crossing Thresholds: A Practical Theology of Liminality, published by Lutterworth Press.

Nigel and I had an engaging conversation that had us exploring liminality from a variety of perspectives. Nigel opened by describing his background, particularly his journey into the priesthood and the academic work that followed. From there we explored liminality using Nigel’s perspective and experience, which he then connected with his work in Crossing Thresholds. Nigel helpfully provided background on the book and why it’s important as a work of practical theology. As practical theologians, Nigel and I had much to talk about regarding how we viewed theology and the relevance practical theology has for the study of liminality. Finally, Nigel described the Church’s transition and how priests, pastors, and church leaders can offer helpful spaces for meaningful change as the Church slowly moves away from its mid-twentieth century perspective.

It was a joy to talk with Nigel! I learned much from him and I’m sure you will too!

Learn more:

Crossing Thresholds: A Practical Theology of Liminality
Twitter (@NigelRooms)

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