How should I speak these symbolic words to You,
Lost as I am within a language of conceptual failure?
My ideas break before the Inconceivable,
Such thoughts are unable to contend with the Unconditional. 

Can I say any true word about You,
While bound to finitude’s chains? 
This Being of my being that dwells in unknown spaces,
Beyond the realms of rational reality. 

A Creator incomprehensible to Its creation,
Its creatures shouting their words before darkness.
Of You can anything be said,
That wouldn’t be better stated by silence?

Does Silence speak to my silence,
With what words does It speak?
I dwell in the presence of my confusion,
Living within the inadequacy of my language.

What can I say when nothing can be said,
Before the great Mystery of existence?
I can only hope that nothing is something,
When addressing what is Indescribable. 

Might silence be my gift to You,
On days when words offend?
Every effort I make is a testament to my faith,
In silence I worship You.

Photo by Louise Sacré on Unsplash

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