is hope an illusion
does it have wings andor skin
can it be bought andor sold
an nft in a metaverse
andor matrix
an array of numbers
coded characters
binary choice
light or dark
male or female
reality or fiction
fly or fall
do we want the truth
can we handle the truth
who or what do we trust
oh winged hope
are you flesh andor code
do we have to see you to believe
is it everything andor nothing
andor both
fighting together for more than this
and why is it always war
scarcity breeding violence
a threshold that needs breaching
what is worth fighting for
what is worth believing in
and dreaming
playing with the shades of lives not chosen
do we choose
can we choose
andor is it all coded
oh invisible hope do you have skin on
and is change possible
can limits be breached
if we choose to leave the domain of the limited
and fly and fall
is this the key code dear hope
the first voice from the other world
space rippled to dream
and live lives chosen
we hear our skin whisper
and it brings tears of delight
voices and minds freed
where dark is civilized into light
and we write scripture
we stand on this threshold and dare
to dream and trust and desire
skin alive with living
hope on this horizon
whose name is miracle
uncoded and breaking
laws and loops and legends
oh hope are you a legend
a storied tale about flying
andor the key to flying
andor both
would we die for the other
would we die in order to live
lives that are alive
is resurrection real andor hoped for
andor both
a nonbinary pair they are
innocent fragments
feeling fragments
of love and desire
fear and despair
the coded nemesis for hope
do we believe in the other
do we believe enough to act
for freedom
free to be me and you and us
do we need a miracle
andor are we the miracle
do we believe in light
and is it worth it
the fight
the decision to begin again
this year
believing in hope
faithful to uncertainty
faithful to mystery
faithful to you and us
perhaps it is worth
dying for
living for
believing in
trusting in
dreaming in
and choosing
this day
this year
freeing the mind
and body and soul
to embrace
flying, feeling, fleshly
our daily miracle and manna

and if it is an illusion
is it still worth it because
our wings and skin whisper
and touch
and it is enough
to create
now and us

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