Emmanuel Buteau returns for a new episode of the Liminal Theology Podcast! Emmanuel and Jonathan Best explore contemporary issues and concerns through practical theology and liminality.

In this special Christmas episode, Emmanuel and Jonathan reflect on why things never seem to change. Their conversation begins with a look at the Haitian migrants’ situation at Del Rio, Texas last September. Reflecting on the harsh US response, which led to the deportation of thousands, Emmanuel and Jonathan look at the incident within the context of Christmas. The Haitian migrant story is the Christmas story, which desperately seeks a resolution. As a society, we lack the imagination to see this story in any other way.

We lack imagination as a people, consequently, we continue propagating the same old reasons as to why we must continue to deny migrants and refugees. We can’t see the story in any other way. Imagination fuels our ability to show love and compassion to the other. And without imagination, we’re unable to create a better world. Christmas is a time of imagination, of considering and accepting how the impossible happened in our world – God becoming a human being. In the same way, Christmas is a time for imagining something different and accepting what we think is impossible. Christmas is a time for imagination, love, and hope. It’s a time for extending our imagination to the migrants and refugees of our world.

We hope you enjoy this conversation! It’s presented here in its entirety, with only minimal editing.   

Listen below or on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, and Google.

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