A father’s love is born from the wisdom of old.
Its source the birthplace of grace and strength.
And character and heart it possesses, which is freely given.
A father’s love never withholds or denies.
But continually gives what is reflected above,
A love that never fails.

Such beauty does this love provide! And tenderness too.
A teacher of the ages, my father’s lessons revealed
The answer I was looking for.
A father’s love provides and eternally springs,
Directions needed along the way. When I was lost, my father found
The person I needed to find.

Goodness certainly abounds within the love of a father.
And a mercy that’s undeniable.
With confidence my father’s voice delivered what I lacked.
The will to carry on when assurance was short.
Thus, I was never troubled when you were near.
Love ever here even from afar, this love endures still.

Oh, how I wish I knew the source of such love!
Surely it must come from places beyond and above.
A father’s love restores in me still, the hope I have forever more.
When mercy lacks and grace seems lost,
I remember my father’s comfort and care.
For never will I ever lack the knowledge of such love.

Humility I gained from my father’s love.
To give without regret, to provide without a price.
A father is truly the giver and the gift.
For he gives himself and does not withhold.
Thus, I’m grateful to know the Father
Because of a father’s love.   

Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash

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