Love’s desire announced by time,
Precious gifts of memories old and new.
Knowing beauty until it’s lost and hidden,
Meaning abandoned to the vacancy of history.

Love’s embrace channeled by mystery.
Moments graciously lived and forgotten,
Reasoning that fails in brief embraces,
Passion that ceases in the lover’s tomb.

Love’s confidence when encountering the new,
Beloved treasures found along the way.
Clarity abandoned at the prime of youth,
Failures apparent at time’s twilight.

Love’s assurance in the face of uncertainty,
Purpose confidently proclaimed before all.
Doubts reappearing before affection’s ghost,
Haunting shadows swirling beyond the veil.

Love’s eternity birthed from God,
Overcoming life’s pain and disappointment.
Confidence prevails when all seems wrong,
Marching through the threshold of all ends

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

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