Emmanuel Buteau returns for a new “Conversations” episode of the Liminal Theology Podcast! Emmanuel and Jonathan Best explore contemporary issues and concerns through practical theology and liminality.

In this deeply personal and reflective episode, Emmanuel and Jonathan tackle the question of faith. Together they explore faith through experience rather than theology or doctrine. Wishing to move away from the “things” of faith, they instead look at faith as a continual encounter with the “more.” They see faith as that which opens and provokes us to ask questions and explore doubts. Faith, being distinct from belief, grasps and carries us through both good and bad times. Faith is bigger than our religious practices and prayers, it also includes our struggles, disappointment, and doubts. 

This conversation was fundamentally important to both of them and helped to clarify many things they’ve been exploring. It’s also the longest episode to date! Neither of them really wanted the conversation to end, as they were enjoying it way too much to stop! It’s presented here in its entirety, with only minimal editing.    

Listen below or on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, and Google.

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