the darkest darkness
encircled by the deepest light
holy and black
saturday following
holyandblack Thursday
holyandblack Friday
the holyandblack triduum of
betrayal, violence, and sorrow
adorned with brightly colored eggs
hunting for the golden
messiah wrapped and unwrapped
the bodysoul deadandalive
proclaiming hope we hope
in the love-lit darkness of all the
holyandblack days in our holyandblack weeks
waiting, yearning, desiring
a good news biopsy report
a good news stimulus check
a good news relief bill
a good news vaccine appointment
a good news test result
a good news job offer
a good news extension on all that is life-giving
a good news story about equity and reparations and justice
for george and suncha and delaina and transyouths and
is resurrection only for tomorrow and the future and the few
or is it forall in this holyandblack now
lit by the deepest love-light of
being present withandfor one another
in the darkness of our visible and invisible fears and pain
offering and working for healing, wholeness, connection,
and mercy oh how resurrecting is mercy
will we light a candle in this everpresent liminal now space
lighting our hearts and minds and bodies on fire
for you and us and all
praying and mourning and protesting together
throwing off our deathcloths of
disunion, discord, and discrimination
cording together an unending holy triduum of good news days
where we are holistically co-creating
life and beauty and hope
us resurrecting us
can you hear the alleluia?

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