Conversations: What is Easter? (Episode 20)

Emmanuel Buteau joins me for a new “Conversations” episode of the Liminal Theology Podcast. Emmanuel and Jonathan Best explore contemporary issues and concerns through practical theology and liminality.  In this episode, Emmanuel and Jonathan explore the significance of Easter, particularly in its meaning as a symbol. They place Easter within the context of suffering, asking … Continue reading Conversations: What is Easter? (Episode 20)

To Write Without Responsibility

Words, words, creators of worlds! The page, the page, it defines us still.Words that build and words that break. Funny things these are,these scribbles of language.The texts of life that we’re measured by. Words of gods and words of mortals,which prescribe action and belief,law and custom, right and wrong. Texts past and new, forever and … Continue reading To Write Without Responsibility

Image at the Edge of Memory

I stand at the boundary of my mind, the place marking a transition between conscious knowledge and subconscious belief. Frightening are the mind’s thin places, the boundaries where exterior facades fail and the true self emerges. The point at which memories become myths, thoughts lose their certainty, and images are incoherent. Within this clarity of … Continue reading Image at the Edge of Memory