It was my pleasure to talk with Dr. Lisa R. Withrow in this episode. Lisa is an International Coaching Federation-certified leadership coach, an accredited team coach, and consultant with expertise in conflict management, leadership formation and development. She has a Ph.D. in leadership studies and certificates in Executive Leadership, Change Leadership, and High-Performance Leadership, all from Cornell University. In addition, Lisa has a doctorate from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, a Master of Divinity degree from Duke Divinity School, and bachelor’s degree from Bucknell University. Previously she served as the Academic Dean at Methodist Theological School in Ohio.

Lisa is an independent scholar with twenty years of teaching and administrative leadership in the academy. She is the founder and principal of Clear Transition Strategies, author of six books, and a contributor to leadership journals. Her latest books are Leadership in Unknown Waters: Liminality as Threshold into the Future, published by Lutterworth Press in 2020, and co-author of Crossing Thresholds: A Practical Theology of Liminality, 2021.

Lisa shared how an experience of transition and “thin places” while living in Scotland led her to an interest in liminality. Lisa described liminality, its characteristics, and how the liminal journey affects us. Together we explored the importance of growth and curiosity, and the diversity of the liminal experience, and how leaders can help others find their way through liminality. Finally, we talked about Lisa’s new publications and the recently formed Guild for Engaged Liminality. Lisa was a great guest, and her rich knowledge is evident throughout the episode. I learned a great deal from Lisa. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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