is it that this next year is only next,  
the latest in a sequence of years, 
or that it’s just gotta replace the prior year,  
or it damn well better be different than last year?  
do we vote for different or replacing vs. embracing
what came before? will this next new year
only be new because it never existed before or
did it exist before but we are just now  
discovering it, a new species of year  
hiding in plain sight? and if this is so,  
what does that say about our eyesight
and our view of time, the time it takes for one
revolution around the sun, one moment in time to
see differently and know differently? do we really need a
resolution in this liminal space between revolutions,
or would a revolution between revolutions be a  
better or happier first new step into something 
from nothing or into nothing from something?
on this threshold-eve are we empty or full,
gripping or releasing, making space or no space
for what is to come, regardless of means?  
and what does it mean to let go, surrender, and   
be open to being? and what if being right now is unhappy
or happy, can we or should we let go of that?
are we happy to?  
willing to do something, to discover or see differently,  
or to see something that has been there  
the whole time for the first time? and will that  
bring satisfaction and contentment, or is happiness  
not the goal but the beginning, middle, and end of
a revolution, where we hope to hope
and love for a time?

happy and new and
may it be so.

Photo by Cindy Bolden

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