Emmanuel Buteau is back for another special “Conversations” episode of the Liminal Theology Podcast. Here Emmanuel and Jonathan Best explore contemporary issues and concerns through practical theology and liminality. 

In this episode, Emmanuel and Jonathan look closely at the challenge of Christmas. It begins with an exploration of “What’s next?” but swiftly turns into a journey into the meaning and importance of Christmas. Emmanuel and Jonathan talk about the choice to remain hopeful, being vigilant in our love, and the need to continually perfect that love. Christmas is an invitation and challenge to enter into a journey of love. The journey of Christmas is liminal, one that brings us to a place of potentiality. Throughout the episode, you’ll hear Emmanuel and Jonathan search for their path through the conversation, until they come to a shared mutual understanding of Christmas neither one of them had anticipated to find. This episode was a joy to record! It’s presented here in its entirety, with only minimal editing.

Listen below or on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, and Google.

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