Le Souffle de Vie pervades my senses, saturates my body, imbues me with the spirit of the age. The same primordial spirit that has filled the life of every human to walk on the earth. And in it I feel a presence, comforting and familiar, urging me to breathe more deeply. To take more of it into myself.

inspirez et expirez, inspirez et expirez…

I taste it, life’s breath overwhelms my senses with wonderment and ecstasy. Cool and warm, heavy and light, powerful and gentle, my being tingles with every breath of its presence. My body, its breath, a reminder of every soul that has tasted life’s essence. I feel the urge to draw it in, to let go.

inspirez et expirez, inspirez…

Lungs full, breathing heavy, my body brimming with a presence that touches the deep places of the psyche. Places unknown, buried, forgotten. Those secret aspects hidden within, beyond the scope of sight, where no person dares to venture. Ancient aspects of my being forgotten long ago. Yes, even those places are not beyond the scope of life’s breath, which rustles my subconscious and blows apart my dreams.

inspirez et expirez…

Le Souffle de Vie. Senses restored, body renewed, being reborn. Je suis nouveau. Mon être, son être, un être. Mon souffle est votre souffle. Oui, oui, mon souffle est votre souffle. Respire en moi.


Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

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