Who mourns the dead? They’re numbers on a screen. The dead no longer have the dignity of being dead. “It’s no worse than the flu” they say. “The death count is inflated” they say. “99 percent of cases are totally harmless” they say.

Will skeptics mourn the dead?

Dismissed, doubted, denied. These dead don’t fit the narrative, that carefully constructed house of cards built upon the lies of powerful fools. The dead are fodder for political debate and campaigns.

Will politicians mourn the dead?

What happens when we no longer acknowledge the dead? Souls ignored, loss disavowed, grief bypassed by opinions. Waylaid by calls of “economy” and “reopen,” the dead were sacrificed in the name of “capitalism.”

Will Wall Street mourn the dead?

Is it 100, 200, 250 thousand US deaths? I’ve lost count of that grim number. The one no one wants to talk about, the one we refuse to acknowledge. The dead are buried by “hoax,” “Chinese virus,” and “QAnon,” all the while denied their rightful recognition as victims.

Will conspiracy theorists mourn the dead?

COVID, coronavirus, the great pandemic. The dead are made all the more tragic by anti-maskers, fake news, and so-called “personal liberty.” And by refusing to mask, they expose the mask of rampant lies we’ve told ourselves, the most blatant being “We’re all in this together.” A slogan only the COVID dead can now share with honesty.

Will libertarians mourn the dead?

Shouts of “faith over fear,” choirs singing and preachers preaching. The churches that rushed to reopen, becoming the harbingers of death. Do churches seek forgiveness for those souls lost to hasty worship and misplaced faith?

Will churches mourn the dead?

Let’s acknowledge the irony that this All Souls falls on Election Eve. I wonder if there will be vindication for the dead on the Day of the Dead. Might there be hope for all COVID souls? It’s hard to be hopeful.

Will you mourn the dead?

Photo by De an Sun on Unsplash

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