our motherfathers who art
with us herethere
hallowed be our names
on these all hallows days of commemoration
a triduum of death we know not
it is life we remember
their eyes openawakesleeping
peering into our hearts
are thankful for their having made
and making a difference in our lives
even now their presenceessence
lighting the sky every morning and evening
we are on the threshold of
the numinous beauty of an imaginal
world where angels live
on the edge of doubt and
hope we pray
for them and pray they pray for us
all saintssouls
the veil is thinnest
on this day we glimpse
through shadowed light
a temporal tear
unveiling their reflection
in our faces masked
on all hallows eve
offerings of sweets and flowers
for ours
is the glory of love
for ever and everever

Photo by Cindy Bolden

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