Memory caught in the absence of time. The semblance of essence portrayed eternally so. In stillness the picture waits, disconnected from life’s breath, and passes from memory into the immemorial of history.

I sought to capture the real, immortalizing what’s not mine. I thought to possess this moment, to claim it as my own. The picture holds the travesty of will, my clutching the passing fade. And in my unwillingness to let it pass, I fashioned a reproduction. A shadow and glimpse at what had been and never shall be again.

Should I let this moment go by, leaving it to time? It seems cruel to trust one’s fickle memory to what deserves more than a passing goodbye. And though captured by the image, the moment endures and stays, but does it lose its flavor, given by the Creator on that very day?

Of people gone and gatherings passed, a reminder of times before. And though this time and others more are gone eternally, I carry the hope that moments still live in the images created anew.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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