In this episode, I chat with Dr. Adam Pyror. Adam Pryor is Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. He is the author of The God who Lives, Body of Christ Incarnate for You, and most recently Living with Tiny Aliens: The Image of God for the Anthropocene. His chapter, “Intersections, Kairos, and Cyborgs,” in Neither Here Nor There The Many Voices of Liminality is the subject of our conversation. His research focuses on emergence theory, religion and science, and phenomenologies of the body.

We discuss Adam’s religion and science, particularly his interest in the human body as an ecosystem. Later we delve into a range of topics including incarnation, cyborgs, our mutual love for Paul Tillich, the symbology of mask wearing, and the “kairos moment.” To top it all off, Adam shares his love for science fiction. This is a jam packed episode, one that I greatly enjoyed participating in. I hope you enjoy it too!

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