Colleen Colaner (Episode 14)

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Colleen Warner Colaner. Colleen is an associate professor in the Department of Communication, and co-director of the Institute of Family Diversity and Communication at the University of Missouri. Her research examines how communication shapes and sustains relationships in complex, diverse, and modern family structures and experiences. Colleen is … Continue reading Colleen Colaner (Episode 14)


Memory caught in the absence of time. The semblance of essence portrayed eternally so. In stillness the picture waits, disconnected from life’s breath, and passes from memory into the immemorial of history.I sought to capture the real, immortalizing what’s not mine. I thought to possess this moment, to claim it as my own. The picture … Continue reading Picture

Liminality, Communitas, and Hope (Transition, Fear, and Liminality: Part II)

Author Note: This essay will be part of a book currently in-progress. While not necessary, you can read Part I here. Modernity’s collapse and our collective thrust into the transitional “flux” marking today’s global insecurity surely suggests the need for a serious study of transitions. Navigating unstable times without a sense as to the “why” and “how” … Continue reading Liminality, Communitas, and Hope (Transition, Fear, and Liminality: Part II)