Author note: Cindy believes that love is the answer and therefore asks every question she can come up with. In the asking there is hope and possibility for light and connection. In the writing below, Cindy converses with good friend and poet Sean Degnan.

have you ever wondered what a subliminal space is like? 

like for real?

or where it can be found and would we even want to go there? 

i mean i guess
oh you’re being serious 

i hadn’t 

i guess now i have

i mean who wants to visit or live in sub-transitional, sub-blurry-edgy, sub-unknown, sub-grey housing? 

um, homeless people?
at least. 

existing below that threshold sounds murky, and not very exciting or appealing, scary even 

and still better than 
the street

and let’s be honest “below” just doesn’t cut it or make the pay grade and “sub” anything never wins a race or a prize in these make america great again waters. 

no comprende

but turned on its axis could it be that having no awareness of blurred borders and uncertain doors is a happier space to exist? 

it could?
maybe it did
but now?
i’ll get back to you?

subconsciously unconscious of all that’s going on around us could be appealing i guess. 

we guess, now
i guess

is that what’s going on? 

is it. 

are we subliminally existing in liminality? 

are we.

if so, what kind of existence is that? 

you tell me.

dangerous, i think. no, i believe. i believe in raising awareness of those living on the edge. 

that sounds pretty 

let me refine that a bit, i believe in erasing all the edges and borders and walls and how can we do that and go there? 

wait, what. 

who will go with me and us, to that happier space of existence where edgy and experimental and questions and mystery topple statues and create or reimagine stasis? 

we may want to
rephrase that last part
just saying

can we raise the sub-liminal floor, take the elevator up to liminal, and dance or protest or both in and for full awareness that all persons are beloved? and what about super-liminal? can we imagine that, go there? what does that look like and who is there? 



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