Alone I stand on the shore, but it was not always so.
There was another who once stood here before.

We often walked together, being companions along this shore.
Here we recollected about youthful memories and dreams past, sharing in the memories of our time.

Birthed by youth but bonded by friendship, we faced the turbulent sea.
The one that marks all our lives, found as it were at the boundaries of every unknown. The same sea where all have gone, and where more are called still.

We faced the sea together till the day you were called, and I was not.
And though you’re not here, your footprints remain. These cherished memories of our journey along this shore.

And though now I stand alone, our earthly time at its end, my eyes are still drawn to the horizon. The one you now know. To the place where life’s veil is thin, and visibility draws to a close.

But I wonder not where you have gone. For you have gone where all love goes, to the place beyond the shore.

Featured photo published with permission of author

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