Divinity never shines more brightly than it does through a mother’s love.
The very same love that blessed me with tenderness and care.

It was a mother’s love that guided me with gentleness and warmth.
Through the time when my days where new and experiences few, when youth knows not its way.

This same love led me through life’s transitions, where life is shaky and unsure.
With a familiar wisdom and peaceful hand that brought me to what’s secure.

And though I grow older, my days of youth long since passed, a mother’s love still shines brightly forevermore.

What a gift is love like this, a gift that forever gives. Surely it come from places divine, from those of bygone days and those birthed eternally new.

How can one describe a love that gives without asking why? For a mother’s love imagines the eternal still in past and present time. And points beyond what is human and into love divine.

“Who is God?” I ask, for I still don’t know in full. But this I do know, that God is surely found in a mother’s love, a love I cherish as true.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. Wow you’ve come a long way Jonathan I’m Sharon parkers daughter. I’m the married one. And u are just like you’re brother he’s smart too. Hope you’re good. Congrats on you’re new book, and God bless u on everything that’s gonna be in you’re future that’s coming. You’re daughter is pretty. Wish I could meet her. Take care ok. We’ll be seeing you’re parents and Patrick this June . We’re glad it’s been s long time.take care be safe ok in flordia.from Christine


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