Whose presence do these hands convey? With what purpose do these gestures speak?

The officiant moves with intent, hands and fingers motion across an empty void. They solicit, invite, and provoke what’s hidden to come forth.

Gestures, oh how they speak! Motions overflowing with meaning.
But whose presence does the officiant bring forth from the empty void?

Open palms and raised arms announce the coming of an imperceptible other. Bodies sway as if moved by a motionless wind.

These gestures, they speak to me. But whose voice is speaking?
What rouses it into being?

The ceremony awakens what was once silent. Receiving its being vicariously, life emerges from darkness.

But does this life speak only from darkness? Does it return to silence?

As the ceremony ends, I am left wondering,

Who speaks first?

Featured photo by James Barr on Unsplash

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