Beliefs that protected me in my childhood.The ones that sheltered me from the harsh and painful world. Beliefs that sustained me through my adolescence.The ones that gave me purpose when it was hard to find.Beliefs that disappointed me in my adulthood.The ones that failed me when challenged and questioned. Beliefs that renewed me in my … Continue reading Beliefs


From out of our mouths is a creation that names the world. Born upon our life’s breath, words emerge from our lips with the same energy first manifested when the world was new. We speak, we make. So it is with these words of ours. Words, born in love or hate, joy or pain. Words, … Continue reading Words


I took the pathway, the one I least expected to take.The one leading where no one had gone. Where it goes, I do not know.Will it take me where I want to go? It leads, and I follow. Guide me into ancient pathways and bygone roads.Guide me where I need to go. This old way, … Continue reading Pathway