Why can’t You leave me alone?

Your silent insistence is deafening…maddening. Make it go away.


What have You brought me?

What am I left with?



You came to me with a hope, an expectation, a promise…

My being trembles.


But what am I left with?

What have You done to me?

Disappointing…utterly disappointing.


You opened the door for me, and I passed across the threshold.

As I walked through You whispered in my ear, “Come and see.”


I saw nothing.  

         Did You know? Tell me.        

Is that what You intended?


Part of me wants to give it up, give You up.

Yet, even that offers no peace.


I’m haunted by You.

I can’t do anything else, be anything else.

          Is this what You intended?


And as the tears pour down my face,

I realize that I see You everywhere now.


            But only through tears.

                        I can’t find my way.

                                    I only see You.


Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash

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