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We’re a growing collection of theologians and thinkers exploring boundaries, transitions, and being in-between across society, culture, and religion. Our mission is to search for those that represent and demonstrate both transitional-thinking and action-oriented work within society—especially among the marginalized, transitional, and irreligious.

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is hope an illusion does it have wings andor skin can it be bought andor sold an nft in a metaverse andor matrix an array of numbers coded characters binary choice light or dark male or female reality or fiction fly or fall do we want the truth can we handle the truth who or … Continue reading 12-31-21-01-01-22

Christmas Imagination

As the father of a 3-year-old girl, I’m always struck by the way she engages in imaginative play. Rooms and furniture around the home often take on new roles as forts and tents. The world around her can be transformed in a variety of ways. I often find myself dwelling in her world of imagination … Continue reading Christmas Imagination

Advent of the Impossible

When Mary explains to the angel Gabriel that this is madness, that she could not possibly be with child, the angel . . . tells her that with the unconditional, all things are possible, even the impossible. The name of God has from time immemorial been the name of the possibility of the impossible.[i] Why … Continue reading Advent of the Impossible