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We’re a growing collection of theologians and thinkers exploring boundaries, transitions, and being in-between across society, culture, and religion. Our mission is to search for those that represent and demonstrate both transitional-thinking and action-oriented work within society‚ÄĒespecially among the marginalized, transitional, and irreligious.

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Unwanted By What I Pursued

I pursued what I loved, but was unwanted by what I pursued. You enticed me with mystery and truth, noble pursuits of the highest kind. You dangled a deeper kind of knowing before me. I remember how you offered sacred wonders and rituals of the strangest sort. How could I refuse? How does one deny … Continue reading Unwanted By What I Pursued

between dusks and dawns

the darkest darknessencircled by the deepest lightholy and blacksaturday followingholyandblack Thursdayholyandblack Fridaythe holyandblack triduum ofbetrayal, violence, and sorrowadorned with brightly colored eggshunting for the goldenmessiah wrapped and unwrappedthe bodysoul deadandaliveproclaiming hope we hopein the love-lit darkness of all theholyandblack days in our holyandblack weekswaiting, yearning, desiringa good news biopsy reporta good news stimulus checka good … Continue reading between dusks and dawns