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We’re a growing collection of theologians and thinkers exploring boundaries, transitions, and being in-between across society, culture, and religion. Our mission is to search for those that represent and demonstrate both transitional-thinking and action-oriented work within society—especially among the marginalized, transitional, and irreligious.

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Words for The Void

Words that no one will read,Lifelessly waiting for their reader to appear.The author’s intention is now long past,Such words await the consumer’s grasp. Tucked away in forgotten pages,Meaningful words that others fail to see.No one to enact what was written,Powerful voices remain silent forevermore.  Words that inspire and bring hope,Begging to be released from their … Continue reading Words for The Void

The postmoderns were right

The postmoderns were right.There are no great plans or grand narratives.Nothing that suggests purpose or clarity.We’re all just muddling through the mire.Befuddled wanderings masked as intent.Where are you going? Where am I?Here, there, likely nowhere.The great plans don’t seem to be working.I don’t know where I’m supposed to be.No one else does either. Time to … Continue reading The postmoderns were right

Genesis 3

By: Jennifer Kerr Budziak, Guest Contributor I.who told you something was missing?who told you were incomplete?who told you all you are is not enough?who told you?who gave you reason to be covered?who gave you cause to hide away?who gave you knowledge that you knowledge lacked?who told you?the garden lies behindand you cannot hear methe darkness … Continue reading Genesis 3