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We’re a growing collection of theologians and thinkers exploring boundaries, transitions, and being in-between across society, culture, and religion. Our mission is to search for those that represent and demonstrate both transitional-thinking and action-oriented work within society—especially among the marginalized, transitional, and irreligious.

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  • Haunted

    February 24, 2020 by

    Why can’t You leave me alone? Your silent insistence is deafening…maddening. Make it go away.   What have You brought me? What am I left with? Nothing.   You came to me with a hope, an expectation, a promise… My being trembles.   But what am I left with? What have You done to me?… Read more

  • Podcast: Jennifer Kerr Budziak Episode 6 Part 2

    February 20, 2020 by

    The conclusion of my interview with Jennifer Kerr Budziak. Dr. Budziak is an active Chicago area liturgical musician, author, conductor, cantor, and is a widely published and recorded composer and arranger of liturgical music. She currently serves as Editor for Music Formation Resources at GIA Publications and is an assistant conductor for the Chicago Symphony… Read more

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